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+27717596779..................TESTIMONIES......................PROF.SULEIMAN AYA

1.My name is VICTORIA ELIZABETH aged 52,from CAMBERRA AUSTRALIA,I was a church woman with my family,but my life started to fall apart slowly by slowly,My boss fired me from work for no reason.My children started to get sick all the time.My husband got involved with a CAR ACCIDENT,My house went on auction,things really was walking on top of my roof.Every night maggots from rotten stuff started to come into my house but i had nothing filthy in my yard.My daughter's husband left her without any reason,no fight.Then i asked my poster in my church what's going with our lives in the family.Then he told me some is cursing/busy with us but he couldn't heal us.One day i search on the internet and i found PROF.SULEIMAN AYA THE POWERFUL TRADITIONAL HEALER FROM AFRICA.I called him +27717596779,he said he can help us,through fortune telling and palm reading, i paid him usd500 only.I thougt the fortune telling and palm reading won't help us,because i was already spent my MONEY by other healers and no change then i said let me try for the last one.Now im very happy with my FAMILY,I GOT MY HOUSE AND WORK BACK,my daughter she went back to her marriage,just because of PROF.SULEIMAN AYA +27717596779,THANKS A LOT,GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WORK.

2.My name is AUGSTINE MONICA,LIVE IN CALIFORNIA U.S.A,PROF.SULEIMAN AYA SAVED MY MARRIAGE!I was married to my husband in 1992.We both had no kids and spent 14 years in marriage without a child.I was crying some time for being childless woman in my life and my husband's family were advising him to get a child from outside our marriage,but he gave me more chances,In 2008,I got PROF.SULEIMAN AYA's number (+27717596779) from the internet,i called him and i explained him about the

problem we have in the marriage,he accepted to send us the medicine which i paid USD:450.In 4 days we received the medicine through the posters to our addresS in CALIFORNIA,I used the medicine for only 2 months,the 3rd month is when i got pregnant.Now we're living a happy marriage with our 4 KIDS,
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