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bought some 19", fitment issue question E92

chudak182010-08-17 20:23:35 +0000 #1
Anybody know of max tire size for E92? Just purchased some

Front: 19x8.5 ET20

rear: 19x9.5 ET22

Any experience? stock suspension.
mrk13p2010-08-17 20:38:01 +0000 #2
Those offsets are too low. U won't clear anything with a drop. My rears barely fit with a 26 offset on 265's.
Robmaster2010-08-17 20:52:05 +0000 #3
i have this setup:

front: 19x8.5 ET20 225/35/19 Goodyear Eagle F1 asym.

rear: 19x9.5 ET20 255/30/19 Goodyear Eagle F1 asym.

drop: Bilstein coils.

Fender work: slightly rolled at the rear

at the front there's no problem, but at the rear it rubs bad over bumps.

here some pics:

mrk13p2010-08-17 21:19:30 +0000 #4
sorry, i mistook for 19 x 10. but yeah, like robmaster said, you will rub
chudak182010-08-17 21:23:05 +0000 #5

Front: 19x8.5 ET20

rear: 19x9.5 ET22

In mind condition with no curb rash. Always hand washed and waxed

Just a couple of barely visible chips (touch painted, see pictures)


Hankook Evo V12 245/35/19 F (80% thread left), 275/30/19 R (70% thread left)

So im still running stock suspension. The rear tire on this thing is a 275 lol. So in the case that I get a lot of rubbing... whats the remedey? A fender roll, spacers? smaller tire? Tires came off of an M3, I guess they have a different offset?



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