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used car hidden problems, long one...

fasternfaster2010-08-18 09:47:54 +0000 #1
I bought my 335i two months ago from a non BMW dealership. When i was buying it i was informed that the car has a minor front impact on its Carfax. I inspected the front of the car and noticed some light cracks/scratches that have been touched up and a dent in one of the headlights.

(this was red flag #1)

I knew no car is perfect and after speaking to the dealer about it we agreed that they would replace the dented headlight with one from another car on the lot.

I noticed that the left rear quarter had some slight fish eye in the paint, i knew this meant that there was some body work on the back, but other than that it looked like it was fixed well, i haggled on the price based on this, but decided to keep going with the transaction.

(this was red flag #2)

The car was buffed and shiny but the buff job wasnt that good, there were swirls everywhere, i figured a wash and wax would fix it.

(this was red flag #3)

fast forward...

I bought the car, and thought i got a decent deal, little did i know...

Fast forward 6 days, i get rear ended and take my car to a body shop to have my rear bumper replaced.

I am told that the WHOLE car has been repainted and they point out that it has tiny fish eyes in the whole car. They tell me that it might just be a clear coat on the whole car. The point out that the rear bumper has also been fixed before and show me some black over spray on the exhaust tips. So they fix the rear bumper good but the rest of the car still looks off.

The car has been washed and waxed several times now, but the paint swirls from the last buff job are still visible.

Fast forward a few weeks.

I decide to take the car to a detailer and have them do a full exterior detail on the car (includes compounding/polishing/waxing). I figured this would take care of some of the fisheyes and swirls.

End result:

The detailer tells me they couldnt get the fisheyes out, and again tells me that my whole car has been repainted, not much they could do about it. They did clean the car really well though, and got rid of all the swirls.

I find that the car's last paint job was indeed a clear coat on the whole car, as i can see there is some over spray on the trim pieces and in some places the compounding/polishing process has stripped off the "new" clear coat and i can see the original smooth paint underneath with no fisheyes. The clear coat is lifting near the trim pieces mostly. I dont know if could blame the detailer or the other dealer, or myself at this point.

I am told that to FIX it completely i would need to have the car sanded to bare metal and have it repainted with ALL the trim removed. I am told it would be about 3000-5000 to FIX the paint.

The car looks great from 3-5 feet. But when i get closer i can see every flaw and its driving me nuts!

I know i should have stopped at the first red flag, but now i own this car and i have to live with it.

I dont know what to do now.. I love the car, i just got a set of 19" Linea Corse LC818 wheels for it and some Bridgestone RE-11's and i cant wait to put them on, (wheels still have not arrived). The body is straight and rust free...

Having just spent a ton of money on the car i am not ready to continue spending more money to "fix" it. I wonder what my options would be at this point..

Trading the car in would be a pretty big loss for me, but i wonder if it would be cheaper than a repaint.

Sorry for the long post, i just need some perspective on this so i could think of what to do.

crazydrummer2010-08-18 09:50:21 +0000 #2
Trade it in or sell it and get another one. I think it'll be easier on you in the long run. Personally (if i bought it which i would not have) I would've got rid of it the second I noticed it had a crappy repaint on the entire car.
VTECaddict2010-08-18 10:15:06 +0000 #3
Trading it in or selling it would be a huge loss. You will lose $2000-3000 right off the bat from the sales tax you paid on the car that you will never get back, and that's if you sell it back at the exact price you bought it for....which of course will never happen. You're probably looking at a $5000 loss at the very least by just trading it in or selling private party, without factoring the cost (and sales tax) of another car.

Money wise, it would be cheaper to keep the car. But if you're the type that won't be able to let it go and live with it, then by all means trade it in just for peace of mind.
chromisdesigns2010-08-18 11:01:39 +0000 #4
Too late for the OP, but this is a good lesson to everyone else as to why you ALWAYS get an independent pre-purchase inspection before you sign the deal. Any legit seller will agree to this -- if they don't, run away!
artifice2010-08-18 09:59:55 +0000 #5
you might be able to get away with a wet-sand and re-clear.
SilvrnBlk325i2010-08-18 11:07:15 +0000 #6
Damn man...Tough Position! Either way your in a loss but it might be worth it to trade it in!! Cause the paint is just going to continue to drive you crazy! Plus, who knows what else might be wrong with the car, you've only had it for a short period of time! What if it has mechanical issues as well??? I would just take this as a learned lesson and trade the car in!



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