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A/C and startup issues - 2nd time

Delmoney3352010-08-18 12:09:11 +0000 #1
So i am having problems with my E92 335, on startup when sitting for more than a few hours it will make an awful sound when starting up, sometimes to the point where it wont start. It is very random sometimes it does it , sometimes it doesn't. Also having issues with my A/C not cooling again. Both these problems i had earlier this month and took to the dealer, they had the car for almost a full week. So now i am having these problems again, not happy about it. Any ideas on what could be wrong, sometimes feels like the dealer has no clue......thanks
Delmoney3352010-08-18 12:12:16 +0000 #2
So i got car back from dealer, apparently my AC was leaking freon and they replaced the ac evaporator. They also changed the high pressure fuel pump. Ok so this is the second time in past month it's been there so that should be it right? Well now the car still feels like it struggles to start up every once in a while.....does this happen to anyone else randomly?

Also since i got it back, hearing a loud whining/air suction type sound from the engine on high revs/hard acceleration. Only issue with this is that i never heard this sound before until now so its weird. Maybe i am being paranoid but i know what i hear so its a bit frustrating..



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