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[My E90 Project] E-ZPass

SAMIAM2010-08-18 15:15:51 +0000 #1
Now let's get really obsessive. What do you see here? Why, it's a horrible white blotch at the top of the windshield, the E-ZPass transponder.


There is an alternative license-plate version that is black, but the cure is worse than the disease. It's about 2" tall and covers a pretty large part of the plate. I won't repost a picture, it will horrify you.

What is one to do? Well we can make our own with black paint. Carefully peel the sticker off starting the corner with a fine blade to avoid wrecking it, and set it aside. Then make sure you cover the little vent/expansion hole with a tiny piece of tape. Then spray away. Keep it simple, or you'll end up sanding and re-coating, not that there's anything wrong with that.

I found some great paint for this (and other things). Rustoleum "Universal Advanced Formula" with a nozzle I've never seen before and which produces a wonderful super-fine fog. You want Satin Black. This paint can has the number "245197 Satin Black." Amazon has it. Whatever you do, don't get metallic paint, or your E-ZPass may not work.

For technique, I had the best result by getting the spray going away from the target, and then sweeping all sides without stopping. Let it dry, flip and repeat. Once you are confident, remove the little piece of tape, and put the label back on.


As for mounting, you need to chuck the white velcro they provide and switch to black. I picked the 2" wide standard velcro (not the industrial plastic version). The latter may have been a better choice, but this holds just fine. I bought Velcro brand part 90593. I put the fuzzy side on the back of the device, so that I could use two pieces to cover the entire back so that it would appear uniform. If you use the plastic side, the split may show. I also trimmed some of the stray fuzz around the edges to neaten it up. Next I cut a single piece of the 2" plastic side for the windshield. I would recommend centering that on the back of the device, and hold it up to the window, while having a second person mark lines with tape on the outside of the window. I placed the top as high as it would go, and just a hair to the right of the mirror base. Then remove the plastic piece from the fuzzy piece, and stick it on.



Behold, it's magic:



You'll notice below there is a little bubble visible. I was able to get that out by rubbing it firmly.



A note about the Velcro. Make sure you are careful and get it right the first time, because that adhesive is not fun to get off. Have someone view it from the outside. The first time I put it on, I mis-judged, and it didn't look right not-centered on the mating piece. If you have to get the remaining adhesive off after peeling the thing off, the tool to do that is 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner #08984 (also good for tar and lots of other things). So far I've never seen it eat paint. Even with this stuff, I had to make several passes over the velcro glue, mainly because the residue continues to get on the window from the rag, like a fog, even after the stuff seems to be gone. Switch to new rags repeatedly and only make one pass with a freshly damp rag. Eventually you'll get it clean. Then go over the area with water and a glass cleaner.

Dear E-ZPass, please make these in black plastic too!

Next up, we paint the registration and inspection stickers black. If only.

jopa4892010-08-18 15:21:26 +0000 #2
Nice work, mine's painted black now too. The beige white looks awful. With the black, it's barely visible.
reprod2010-08-18 15:28:09 +0000 #3
Nice DYI...

My windshield has the black dot matrix in that section so I just place it behind the dot matrix and I'm good to go... nice and clean looking...
captainaudio2010-08-18 16:13:56 +0000 #4
I purchased a suction cup EZ-PASS mount and spray painted it flat black. I covered the small area of the EZ-Pass that was still visible with black tape. It is mounted on the passenger side of the rear vies mirror and is almost invisible from the front of the car even with the top down.

GFX MIK32010-08-18 15:53:04 +0000 #5
dont know if im the only one but if i come upp to a toll i just pull the ez pass out of my glovebox... pay the toll... then put it back in the glove box... dont have to worrie about some white blob on my windshild
captainaudio2010-08-18 15:51:24 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by GFX MIK3

dont know if im the only one but if i come upp to a toll i just pull the ez pass out of my glovebox... pay the toll... then put it back in the glove box... dont have to worrie about some white blob on my windshild

Although that method works fine it is technically illegal and you can get fined if you get caught doing it.

"The E-ZPass® tag must be mounted properly before use. If the tag is not properly mounted, it may not work and may be unlawfully positioned."

1QuikWS62010-08-18 18:12:02 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by GFX MIK3

dont know if im the only one but if i come upp to a toll i just pull the ez pass out of my glovebox... pay the toll... then put it back in the glove box... dont have to worrie about some white blob on my windshild

Exactly what I do - don't want it permanently mounted as we use it in all of our cars at one time or the other...

As far as it being technically illegal, I'm quite sure they have a law for everything including how to properly wipe your a$$, definitely know they don't care in PA - been holding it up to the glass since the day EZ Pass was started, no one cares - all they care about is gettin their $$
Krozi2010-08-18 16:50:58 +0000 #8
Does it work on the rear window too?
John 0702010-08-18 16:43:21 +0000 #9
On my Nissan, the border of the windshield (tint) is so dark that the EZPass tag cannot be seen. When Safelite replaced it, the replacement Chinese glass also had the same border. Not really sure what changed with regard to windshield technology, such that the border is not as dark.

I use the suction cup mount myself, and place it as high as possible. imho if the tag really bothers anyone, don't even mount it on the windshield. Some people hold it or even just lay it on the dash when they go through a toll plaza. Even if the tag's not read, they have your license plate, and if you've registered it, they'll simply match it and bill you.

What's odd about the OP's app is there is a black square that seems to be the velcro. The one's that EZPass gives you are not that large, and they're not just plain velcro. You can get as many of those lok strips as you like, they'll send them in the mail. Much less surface area...and one day when you go to exchange or return the tag, they'll probably charge you a fee for having painted it....
ibeclueless2010-08-18 16:05:26 +0000 #10
nice job
CHCCubs2010-08-18 17:44:41 +0000 #11
Makes me thankful our toll transponders here are black.
Coolieman12202010-08-18 19:32:03 +0000 #12
lols i did the same! i have a black suction cup case, stuck a piece of black paper in to make it look good!



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