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[My E90 Project] Removing the Glovebox

SAMIAM2010-08-18 15:51:11 +0000 #1
No pictures for this, but it is not too hard. I needed to get behind it to find where they put the 9500ci interface as I may need to change something soon.

Note that you will need a Torx T20 driver for the glove box screws.

1. The first things that need to come out are the cup holders. The rear end of the holders have a "pin" that goes into loops on the top of the glove box. The plastic trim strip around them comes out first. Start at the far right with something like a plastic spudger, and carefully push into the crack where the far right edge meets the dash, and also pry toward you. Get something behind it and be careful not to scratch anything. At this point the first anchor gently popped up. Carefully continue working it up until you have it off. There are 4, the two outer ones are springy (easier) and the middle two are pins in the plastic slots. Then two screws each, and the cup holders slide right out.

2. There are 6 screws holding the glove box on, visible when it is open. I'd take out the four along the top first. Next, the side screws to the left and right of the box. At this point it should come toward you. There are cable assemblies that will be strained if you don't catch it. I was able to lean it against the left of the footwell at an angle and not disconnect the cables. Note that to put it back in, the bottom goes first on top of the plastic supports.

That's it.



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