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Help! Trouble sleeping

Brknbones2010-08-29 19:04:08 +0000 #1
I am obsessed and cant sleep well. I obsessed over the decision between 335i or M3 (Chose M3) Color jet black or Jerez (Chose Jet) Premium stereo or standard (Standard unless I frantically call my SA tomorrow morning). Spent weeks negotiating price from multiple dealers from multiple states (local SA finely came within $500 of next best price from 3 states away).

I finally ordered my car yesterday, hoping to put an end to all this and yet I still found myself up last night in bed at 3 in the morning hunting the forums on my iphone to find out about blacking out the chromed door trim, and who to get my first detail from. To Zaino or not to Zaino.


What am I going to do for the next 6 wks?! I know I will be constantly checking production status, which ship did my car get on, where is the boat, what is the weather along the route? - as I did for my 335i.

What have others done? Is it easier to wait the second time around? My wife and co-workers are sick of hearing about my M3, and I am embarrassed I tell them so much. But I cant help it, it has taken over much of my thoughts.

Is there something wrong with me?

Is this normal for my first M Car?

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.

Ordered 6/9/2010 - awaiting production date

2011 E93 M3 Jet Black, Fox Red,CF Trim, Tech, DCT, Premium, Satelite, Heated seats, Through loading, USB


2008 E92 335i

ss1342010-08-29 19:15:41 +0000 #2
You are normal! I ordered my car in April for July delivery and have been second guessing my spec ever since.
BlackLight2010-08-29 19:42:41 +0000 #3
you are a weirdo

Most folks only post here once a month or so...
m3rav4civic2010-08-29 19:33:03 +0000 #4
I took delivery of my 2011 E93 in May, and while I'm totally and deeply in love with it, I do regret not getting the premium sound. Just my two cents...
klammer2010-08-29 20:03:52 +0000 #5
couldnt sleep for over 2 months waiting. drove my wife nuts with the chatter. it's "normal" whatever that means and its the best car ever!!! (for what i need)
PicassoM2010-08-29 19:49:17 +0000 #6
You should have gotten Jerez black....

...now that I said that you will never sleep!

But yea I have changed my order a few times and thank god I was able to get all ny changes in. Last second I changed to add bluetooth. Then last week I changed to add backup warning system. My SA wanted to kill me.

now that I sold my E46, I'm just sitting around trying to not get hit by a bus until my new M3 arrives. I have to wait till mid-august for delivery and I'm already starting to go bonkers.

It's taken over my thoughts and my GF is sick of it too. Just finished parting out my E46 and she thought it was over. It isn't. She can't wait for the car because she is excited also but wants me to stfu about it because she already had a dream that I replaced all her pictures with pictures of the M3.

The wait is torture and unfortunalely she's getting tortured also.
swiss_cornholio2010-08-29 20:45:42 +0000 #7
Go on vacation for 6 weeks!
jaehshim2010-08-29 21:08:30 +0000 #8
don't worry

i couldn't sleep since the E9x M3 was released to public a few years ago
Andrew 9122010-08-29 19:52:38 +0000 #9
Normal..... M3 anxiety is effected people at the age of 15-80 years old...
MonteCarloM32010-08-29 20:29:59 +0000 #10
umm, you may need an ativan or something like that to chill out. it's just a car remember, not such a big deal.

now if you were gonna tap some scarlett johansson ass, then i can understand the sleepless nights
blueman22010-08-29 21:03:31 +0000 #11
I HAVE to recommend Enhanced Premium Sound. All else you will be happy with.
SlamMan2010-08-29 22:38:20 +0000 #12
I was a little anxious about the color but not like this. Sounds like you need to relax. It's just a thing. If it's having a negative effect on your live that's bad. What are you going to do when you get your first scratch?



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