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Finally got it home!

kitw2010-08-29 20:14:50 +0000 #1
Just traded in my e60 M5 for a 2011 e90 M3. It was almost exactly the way I wanted, except that it didn't have 6FL. I went back and forth and finally decided that yeah, I can live without it. (I guess I'll just go back to burning MP3 CDs for now until I do a retrofit) .

Previous cars include an 08 and an 09 335i. (my wife still has the 09) Glad to be back into an e90 and LOVING the M3 so far. The M5 was faster in a straight line and sounded much more exotic, but it was too much of a boat. Even though it was only 400 lbs heavier, it felt a lot larger and didn't corner nearly as well. The m3 still sounds mean and it feels a lot more tossable, much more so than a 3700lbs car should!

But man, what a journey. There was a big scratch on one of the rear wheels, so the sales guy said they could fix it. We went back and forth about wheel repair (because I've had LOUSY luck with it in the past, especially with polished wheels). He assured me that it would look perfect or they would replace it... went to pick it up yesterday and of course, it looked terrible. They apparently painted part of the lip and re-cleared the whole wheel. Looked ok from 20 feet away but as soon as you got close to the car, you could tell that it wasn't right. The face of the 19" wheels are polished and the repair guy painted part of it! ugh. Anyway, they agreed to replace the wheel and I picked up the car with the new wheel today.

M-DCT is really nice so far. So much nicer than SMG-III in my M5, none of the clunks and gronks. SMG-III was cool in some ways, since you still had to drive the car like a manual transmission, feathering the gas on shifts, etc, but DCT is just plain better. It's my second DCT car, I had it in my 09 Z4 Sdrive35i, which was also nice, but had the stupid paddles like my wife's car (09 335i steptronic) that both sides can go up and down. The M-DCT paddles are much more intuitive.

Got the car home and hardwired the V1. All set to go... now to get those break in miles done with!

PicassoM2010-08-29 20:24:22 +0000 #2
awesome!!! Looks like Carbon Black.

I had looked at E60 M5's as well but the E90 is just so great in many ways.

Btw can you hardwire the V1 without the ZPP?
kitw2010-08-29 20:32:53 +0000 #3
I have the premium package but it's actually easier without, since there is power and stuff for the Homelink transmitter even if you didn't get it.

Yeah it's similar to Carbon Black but bluer. The only thing I don't like about Carbon is that it looks purple in some lights, Jerez Black doesn't...

You know, in that picture, my wife's 09 335 looks lower. Hopefully it's just the angle... I'll have to break out the measuring tape.
eatrach732010-08-29 20:33:45 +0000 #4
congrats. that must've been a difficult decision to trade in the E60 M5.
GOLFFRR2010-08-29 20:52:17 +0000 #5
kitw2010-08-29 22:17:59 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by eatrach73

congrats. that must've been a difficult decision to trade in the E60 M5.

Yeah. The e60 M5 was really awesome, the soundtrack alone gave me goosebumps

Video From YouTube:(link)
PicassoM2010-08-29 21:51:05 +0000 #7
sorry so used to CB, meant JB lol.

Looks great. Thats hilarious how you both have similar cars.
richardbb852010-08-29 22:01:39 +0000 #8
congrats man
FredVMI2010-08-29 23:22:05 +0000 #9
Finnegan2010-08-30 00:18:47 +0000 #10
400 pounds does make a big difference. Looks great!
rjd5982010-08-29 23:45:25 +0000 #11
awesome car. no 6fl????? thats the last option i would have guessed not to be on a m3 we buy



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