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HID installation for a 7 series

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The high-intensity discharge (HID) was a technology that was first introduced by BMW for the 1991 7 series. The HID is a headlight system that is brighter burning and offers a headlight with a beam pattern far broader then traditional lighting. This enables the driver to have a visual area larger and with a much further reach. With this being one of the trademarks of class these high quality lights have fast become a sought after item for the auto enthusiast. In addition to its appeal, with the simple installation and cost at last reaching a more affordable price the 7 series HID kit is a prefect fix to achieving that contemporary sleek look.

One of the aspects that make these lights so remarkable is that they are able to burn at an intense brightness greater then normal halogen lights. This is achieved by heating a special inert gas called xenon. In addition to this one of the other benefits is the ease of installation, however you will also need to include a specially designed ballast. This will change the BMWs 12v DC to a power that is higher and more capable of igniting the gas.

In addition to the 7 series HID kits, some installers are incorporating both the HID and LED technologies. With this equally useful light a ring of LED lights are made and inserted over a projector lens. This is sometimes called a HALO lens and it gives off an unusual whitish blue glow.

To install your 7 series HID kit some preparation is a good idea. Although it is not complicated, you will want to ensure safety by walking through a few basic steps. First be sure that your car is not running and that you have removed the battery. In addition to this, it is also a good idea to make sure that your engine is completely cooled off before beginning installation.

Xenon bulb Installing

First find the low beam dust cover located on the back of your headlight assembly. This cover is simple to remove and only requires for you to turn it. Once this is removed you will be able to get to the bulb.

Before taking out the bulb make sure that you have unplugged it from the wiring harness. Be careful not to touch the glass of the new xenon bulb while you are installing it into the place where the halogen bulb was just located.

Ballast Installation

In order for you to install the special ballast you will for need to find a spot for it that will be secure and safe. Remember this vehicle was not originally created with this system in mind and you will need to find a location that is close enough to the xenon bulb that you will also be able to reach the ballast as well. After you are sure you have fastened the ballast securely you can then plug in the wiring to the bulb.

With this simple installation process complete remember that it is a good idea to double check all connections before testing your system. Be sure that all connections are tightly in place and the ballast is secure before reconnecting your 7 series battery and then testing your new HID lights.



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