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Spanner Socket

aandryiii2010-08-10 01:17:39 +0000 #1
O'rielly has the four lug GM spanner sockets in stock for $20,

just grind each lug to make them a slight bit more narrow and bump the grinder between each lug so they go in deeper. Wam Bam Thank You Mam!

codyh2010-08-10 01:22:47 +0000 #2
coker63652010-08-10 01:34:09 +0000 #3
LOL, but the Can-am one is only like $40 I think. I made one the same way you did, and it broke the ears off first thing. I spent like 30min grinding on it and broke in in less than a min with all the locktite they use from the factory. Needless to say it was a little aggrivating. What is the part number or make and model it is used for, wouldn't mind trying to make another one.
aandryiii2010-08-10 02:33:19 +0000 #4
the can-am one at my dealer is 49 + 20 for brp fee + 50 for overnight shipping(i needed it asap) so that wasnt a good route for me.

i'm not sure of the part # but it was the only big, 4 lug spanner socket they had in stock on the rack at o'reillys. It LITERALLY took me 5 minutes of hand grinding, and i'm sure it wont break...
harmonsbrute2010-08-10 01:29:40 +0000 #5
if it breaks take it back lol
phreebsd2010-08-10 03:03:06 +0000 #6
what does this tool do?
codyh2010-08-10 02:55:44 +0000 #7
I thinik it takes off your trailing arms
aandryiii2010-08-10 02:29:22 +0000 #8
thats correct. it loosens the floating nut that holds the upper part of the trailing arm to the chassis



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