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Can I fix my paint? vefutixo2011-07-11 23:58
Sorry guys i'm new to the forum and didn't really know where to put this but I was wondering if I co
Anyone have any experience with ATD 2088 Random Orbital? SMRcalidiv2011-07-12 04:29
I would have posted in the wetsanding section but figured I would get more traffic here. Has anyone
paint looses smoothness after waxing MasterShake2011-07-12 01:56
this is the weirdest thing. right after washing my paint is smooth as glass (just clayed not too lon
Compound question ? SunnyD2011-07-11 04:32
If I have a car with no swirls or anything all over the car just spots with scratches swirls etc and
is my mistake in not using terry cloths? brendan12342011-07-11 03:59
hey guys, I had a scratch on my bumper (really not deep at all) but i've had trouble taking it
Rubbing Compound(RC) & Polishing Compound(PC) Vios 53002011-07-11 03:27
1)Need some info on how and when to apply above two products? 2)Is RC similar to ultimate compou
Is this a good Light for finding defects ? SunnyD2011-07-10 20:28
I got a workforce halogen spotlight with 1 million candle power would that be good for finding swirl
Mustang paint ? SunnyD2011-07-10 22:43
i have a mustang coming in to do a full detail today. as its my first full detail customer. i want t
ultimate compound and painting karlos092011-07-10 20:44
hi guys if i ultimate compound my car will it be ok to paint car after just touch up if you no what
New Car; Cloudy Dull Finish? + Newly Painted Parts avenger282011-07-10 22:20
Hello Everyone, I've been trying to start a thread a couple of times, but it doesn't show up. If
Car Covers mwphilli2011-07-10 07:16
Hi folks ... Wondering if anyone has any advice on car covers. Is there a certain fabric that is
Best way to polish exhaust tips? Jumper092011-07-10 04:18
I just did a little polishing on my exhaust tip with the steel wool and glass cleaner method. It wor
Looking for a new LSP. Won't use NXT 2.0 again. APR Tuned2011-07-10 01:27
Before I get into this, I just want to assure meguiar's that as a customer, I'm not going anywhere.
SpotLight Questions ? SunnyD2011-07-10 01:58
im going to buy a spot light for detailing today just wondrening. should i get a xenon or halogen. a
Faded or Oxidized Rubber Bumper Cover reo4ua2011-07-10 00:49
I just bought a '92 mustang with original paint. The front cap which is made of rubber I believe is
The need to strip off wax Imperiex2011-07-10 03:03
Hey everyone, My question is basically this; if I want to be able to do a good amount of paint
Severe sun damage advice needed: Pics Posted BBrophy11262011-07-10 02:34
**Apologies for starting a new thread, I'm unable to edit my previous one right now (the one without
My Mother's White 2002 Toyota Camry... Ced2011-07-09 18:10
Hi, My task is to give my mother's 2002 Toyota Camry a makeover. The condition of the paint is a
Hi Everyone, Can someone recommend a meguiar's product for clearcoat burn? Blurr2011-07-09 17:06
Im new to the forums, and goofed tonight trying to fix a scratch. I love meguiar's products, a
Concrete tree sap removal Craddosk2011-07-09 11:00
I've got some major tree sap on the car (see attached pictures). To remove it, I've tried washing/sc
Polyester or cotton johnny utah2011-07-09 11:47
Is one better than the other
Any hope at removing set in soda (coke) stains on interior upholstry? ethereal452011-07-09 11:29
I'm embarrassed to admit this, but a can of soda blew up in the light grey interior of my car (1998
Sever sun damage advice *Unable to post pics yet* BBrophy11262011-07-09 07:06
I just got this 95 Passport for 500 bucks. It's mechanically sound, but the paint is a disaster!
What Is This? - Claying Related Marc08EX2011-07-09 04:08
I've probably encountered this 3 times already and it's driving me nuts... Before I clay the car, I
Wash, clay, compound, polish, wax gamtnroadie2011-07-08 21:15
I have a dark navy blue saturn vue that is in need of some work. It has bonded material and light s
bugs and glass Zane2011-07-08 22:57
Hey guys. I have been detailing cars on the side of my job to make some extra money before college s
Diet soad spilled on mat / carpet blinkme3232011-07-08 21:11
Hey guys, I normally never have any drinks in my car, but the other day I was coming home with a 32o
White dots after car wash hudock2011-07-08 13:04
Morning! About 2 weeks ago I took my black 98 cherokee to a hand power wash place. I used
New Car; Cloudy Dull Finish? + Newly Painted Parts avenger282011-07-08 06:52
Hey Guys! I'm new to this forum and have been working on learning how to detail my car. I have two
A Strange Situation BMW750Li2011-07-08 02:45
So... I've been detailing cars for over 30 years and I've run into a situation with my Metalic Silv
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