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Are My Pads Ruined? Simon7772010-11-25 01:43
I just finished a car with metallic single stage paint which I did improve, but created tiger stripe
What to use to revitalize black mouldings/trim DENALI2010-11-25 01:29
Working on a 99 superduty with over 300k on it so the truck needs some help. What would be the best
Meguiar's Products in toronto jack092010-11-25 05:09
Where i can find cheap Meguiar's products in toronto? I find Meguiar's in canadian tire but they
When should i toss my clay bar? gmitch232010-11-25 03:49
I have recently clayed 4 cars with one clay bar. Each car is pretty new and were well maintained. Cl
HELP: White spots on CF hood! stab2010-11-25 06:48
I've recently bought this car and there are white spots on the CF hood, how do i fix this? I ca
W-8006 polishing pads vs. LC pads? viper0072010-11-25 04:59
hey Mike. Kevin here again. When you speak of the Meguiar's pads, such as the one in the title, is t
Serious bug problems JoeDirt2010-11-25 01:18
I just took possession of my Mom's old 2007 Camry, as they are buying a new 2011 Ford Fusion. Pro
Need some advice to move more deeper to detailing world drivemax2010-11-25 01:12
Greeting everyone, Been doing a lot of reading and searching since i join this forum. Really gr
Mike Phillips or other Pro's-question about Viper Paint! viper0072010-11-25 01:39
hi guys, I have a red 2002 RT10.I find it tough to get much paint correction (mostly just swirls and
Best Cordless Vac? DetailArtist2010-11-25 01:42
Whats the BEST cordless vac out there? Dustbuster makes a dozen different ones; which do you use? So
New paint with clear coat, smoothing imperfections and overspray. SUPER K2010-11-25 02:20
Motorcycle , fiberglass track bodywork,I've spent 30+ hours sanding, priming, and wet sanding + time
Which Meguiar's products do you keep in your vehicle at all times? Bill Davidson2010-11-25 00:24
Which Meguiar's products do you keep in your vehicle at all times? I always have a bottle of Quik
Gray Mustang detail. Need help ADPGT2010-11-25 00:28
Hey guys, I'm detailing the stang and i need to know what products you guys recommend for the col
Starting out $400 to spend help with order! DENALI2010-11-25 04:44
Looking to make an order with ADS in the next day. I have $400 to spend on products to start with. I
Boy Scout Fundraiser Carwash CumminsCrazed2010-11-25 03:59
So guys, im an Assistant Scoutmaster for my troop, and a2 wks ago (sat 7/17) our troop had a fund ra
Neglected Motorhome Finish Continues smokey52092010-11-25 04:38
I have ordered the buffer and Meguiar product recommended. I would like kind of pads to use for the
Duct Tape Residue on paint CumminsCrazed2010-11-24 23:57
Hey guys, my sister has had a leaking sunroof for years and last fall she had us duct tape it shut.
I need help about megs cleaner wax Lyle2010-11-25 02:53
To other fellow meguiars users out there, I need help. I'm confused whether or not I should use megs
Help!! EBaker902010-11-25 00:23
Hey everyone, so I'm new to all this so bear with me, this may be painful for some of you http://me
04 porsche boxster spots? 04mtngoat2010-11-24 23:31
i cleaned up my friends car the other day and noticed these spots on the convertible top in the thir
lean exhaust fumes? 04mtngoat2010-11-25 00:45
tried several products on this stain above the exhaust tip on my neighbors truck. anyone ever seen
1966 chrysler - where to start!!? antonio32010-11-24 23:25
Hey guys first post.. i did a few searches on non clear coat.. old paint and the such but i'm kinda
Spray Wax...why isn't it a "normal" wax? roushstage22010-11-25 00:05
After doing some detailing today, I was thinking to myself, why isn't UQW an acceptable stand-alone
How to achieve a flawless, mirror finish using Meguiar's M105 and a G110v2 TH00012010-11-25 03:16
Finishing with Meguiar’s M105 Ultra Cut Compound The unique ability of Meguiar’s M105 Ultra Cut C
New Lexus Leather Interior joe2nyc2010-11-25 01:34
New here http://meguiarsonline.com/forums/images/smilies/wavey.gif and did a search but couldn't f
Soaking Plastic in All Season Dressing Bill Davidson2010-11-24 22:36
Color Match/Clearcoat match. hondastrtracr2010-11-25 02:02
Due to vandalism (All except 3 panels on my S2000) the affected areas were sanded top to bottom, pri
Nozzle on Shop Vac for extraction DENALI2010-11-24 23:31
Does anyone use anything specific for a nozzle on their shop vac when they are using it to extract w
Yet another dealer installed swirl mark - what to do? mtiffee2010-11-24 23:34
EDIT: PICTURES POSTED BELOW...... Hi everybody, First post here. Just purchased a 2008 F-
Help me improve my wash technique SuperCK2010-11-24 22:32
I have a new car that I park in the outside drive (no indoor garage). The color of the car is silver
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