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3 wheeler aint getting no fire

big brute2010-08-10 07:27:01 +0000 #1
I got a 1981 model honda 185 3 wheeler that aint getting any spark. Something made a popping

sound from right side of motor like something broke or snapped off and it aint ran since. You can hold the spark plug and pull on the pull cord and nothing no fire. Parts man at honda thinks it sheared the fly wheel key. Any body else ever came across this problem ??
cigaro2010-08-10 07:41:46 +0000 #2
There is also a small pickup coil in there that will come loose. You will not get fire if it does. Had this happen a couple of times on my old 200X... man I miss that hing sometimes
big brute2010-08-10 07:43:25 +0000 #3
Wish i could get this thing back running kids are tearing every thing else up
jbadon2010-08-10 07:41:31 +0000 #4
3 wheelers are beast if u have a good back lol cant killem



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