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2007 Honda Foreman Oil Change info

Lances212010-08-10 09:17:37 +0000 #1
I need to know how may quarts it holds and is 10w 40 a good oil to use.

i also wanted to know do you screw the oil dipstick in to check the oil or just push it to the threads and check it
Polaris4252010-08-10 09:21:41 +0000 #2
Ok in the 05 & 06 Foreman 500 owners manual it says check it WITHOUT screwing it in.....

Says use 10W-40, 2.5 Quarts.

I would imagine it's the same for 07's.
tacoma_20022010-08-10 09:42:55 +0000 #3
^^ x's 2

I've bought 3 hondas new...the last being my '08 Foreman...each time at the dealership they tell you NOT to screw it in to check the oil level.



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