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04 Foreman Front Brake issue?

RDs Neighbor2010-08-10 09:42:16 +0000 #1
Does anyone know what would cause the front brake to lose pressure at the handle when applying them? We rode a few weeks ago in water and now the break does not engage until they handle is pulled about half way.

I snorkeled the bike, and was sure to bring all of the vents up, would water in the vent cause this. I read the manual and there is an adjustment, I just don't know how it would have gotten out.
brutus750i2010-08-10 09:50:22 +0000 #2
is it drum ?get rid of em,go disk.i did an wow,stopping power.
Josh2010-08-10 10:27:01 +0000 #3
Tends to happen to honda drums pretty often. I couldn't keep my front brakes on my rincon 650. The pressure system for the brakes is sealed? so water in it wont happen. If you pull off that drum you will find all kinds of mud and dirt on the inside. Just a bad design for a machine that will see bad conditions. If it was me and i was keeping the bike, I'd upgrade to disk brakes and be done. I had the cylinders leak on mine and it would loose it's pressure. It's air in the lines i'm sure though. Bleed them with the bleeder on the back side of the drums. Do it right or it will suck in more air and get worse.



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