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just traded for an 01 forman

brutus750i2010-08-10 09:27:04 +0000 #1
my ? is wanna put dics brakes on ,who got the best price,an also have a set of 30 mudzillas to mount on,whats it gonna take to fit em?
Polaris4252010-08-10 09:36:56 +0000 #2
As for the tires, a lift & probably a good bit of fender trimming!

Disc brakes, I'm not sure who all makes them. I know at one time HL was carrying them for the 300's & other foremans.
phreebsd2010-08-10 09:35:52 +0000 #3
ATVWorks.com sells disc brake conversion kits


This place has the HL kit for $349 (HL appears to not carry the kit anymore)

Amazon.com: HIGHLIFTER FRT DISC BRAKE KIT HONDA HLHONDB1: Automotive: www.amazon.com/HIGHL...HONDB1/dp/B000GUWOZI

Amazon (Thumbnails): www.amazon.com/HIGHL...HONDB1/dp/B000GUWOZI

Amazon (Thumbnails): www.amazon.com/HIGHL...tag=citofgamonlco-20
KMKjr2010-08-10 10:20:39 +0000 #4
Anyone still have the link for the rear kit?



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