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Honda 300 Parts?

tacoma_20022010-08-10 11:38:45 +0000 #1
Bought a '99 Honda 300 2wd that I'm starting to (slowly but surely) build. List of parts I need.

Rear diff gears (ring/pinion)

All seals/bearings for rear (brakes/rear diff)

Front wheel bearings

Misc. brake parts (springs/clips/front adj. plugs)

All Plastics (Fenders, Flares, etc)

I've had this bike for about a week now and have it stripped down to the frame. Looking to restore it to new/better than new condition.

I've been taking pictures of my progress, so hopefully you'll get to follow my "Project 300" Build Thread before long.

Thanks in advance!
cojack2010-08-10 11:49:39 +0000 #2
looking for new used?



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