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tining noise

bruteforcejoe2010-08-11 11:02:33 +0000 #1
hi everyone, well i have a problem with a 2009 750 i brute, i have 2600kms on my bike and the bike started to ting, took it to my dealer and they found that the 2 bolts on the top cam gear came loose and one fell into the motor , so they fixed it and kawi came good for it.

But know i picked up the bike and went riding with my buddies in the valley for the week end, and the bike started to cough and choke so i stopped and started to look and discovered that i had water and dirt in side the air box. Since i have owned this bike i have never had a problems like this. So we got it to my buddie parents house and cleaned out the air box and the flitter and only put a couple of miles on it Sunday to see if it would run, it did and then started to knock and grind again. So it took it back to the dealer and they tell me i have dirt and **** in the inside of the motor, but they will not come good to fix it right know they are saying it is my problem, but i have been in water and mud up to the head lights and never got any thing in the air box befor. But now that they had the bike apart and did what ever, all of a sudden i have this problem. My buddie have brutes and rode the same places and nothing so what did they do wrong and why all of a sudden mud and water in there. They also said they replace the seal around the air box because the other one was no good. But the air box was spotless, but not know so wtf did they do. Also when i went to pick up the bike on 3 different occasions the bike was not done and found thing wrong or not hooked up.

What would you boys do about this problem? Please help.

filthyredneck08brute2010-08-11 11:14:24 +0000 #2
I would start looking to figure out where the mud and water came into the air box from first. If it came in through the intake/front of the airbox then its your baby, but if it came in somewhere else due to them not tightening a bolt or putting a gasket back in correctly and you think you can PROVE it, then I'd carry it back. If you cant make kawi feel liable for it then they most definately arent gonna offer to fix it....so get ready for a rebuild and some money out of your pocket.....I know where theres a complete brand new 840 bore kit for $1200 obo.



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