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07 bruteforce 650i no power!!

Thompy2010-08-11 11:36:10 +0000 #1
ok bike seems to run on but just has no power what so ever belt lights not on i tripped it just check and its not that it will run fine up to 20km then will just stay there no missing or cutting out nothing. its not smoking i dunno heres the stats.

07 650i

dynatek - also have stock cdi

150 mains front and rear (f/a screws have not been touched)

gutted stock pipe (with perferated pipe welded in and repacked)

snorkled 2 inch Bayou snorkel

catvos 8in lift

31in laws

HL clutch kit Guessing its the maroon secondary

28-30km top speed

my kebc actuator isnt working but 4wd works fine.

any ideas?
hondarecoveryman2010-08-11 11:42:42 +0000 #2
Is your fuel pump working ? sounds like its starving for fuel to me
Injected2010-08-11 12:02:31 +0000 #3
You can run the bike up to where it falls on its face then shut it off. Pull the spark plugs and check to see if its leaning out. If the plugs are whiteish in color your running lean
nmkawierider2010-08-11 11:48:10 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by hondarecoveryman

Is your fuel pump working ? sounds like its starving for fuel to me

That's what I was thinking... or the check valve isn't letting air in as the pump is taking fuel out. They do stick shut sometimes. Loosen the cap and try it. If it works, you know what it is.
hondarecoveryman2010-08-11 11:50:52 +0000 #5
Didnt think about the check valve ...
Thompy2010-08-11 13:15:01 +0000 #6
but wouldnt it cut out or sputter? itll just get to 20 and maintain that speed thats it
Thompy2010-08-11 13:58:37 +0000 #7
ok played with it again today it seemed to run a little better but still no where near the power it should be puttin down. im left to think its the clutching or belt. im running a little rich not bad going to step down to 147s and try that now what clutch springs should i be running. i bought the bike it came with a HL kit i have the box and theres a long purple spring and 2 smaller (secondary) springs one pink a light pink mark (stock)? and a bright pink one also some weights with a C on them. the bike has 31in outlaws and a catvos 8in lift also bayou snorkel kit. help me guys im ready to head back to can am

top speed is 30km but its like riding a honda just gutless somthings up or does this thing just not have the power to turn these? heres some pics.
hondarecoveryman2010-08-11 15:08:30 +0000 #8
may be in clutching , I know if someone followed the directions for the kit it will suck really bad LOL
gpinjason2010-08-11 14:02:25 +0000 #9
Yeah, if the secondary spring is too tight, you can't get out of low gear...



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