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Sorry to keep asking... 4X4 actuator?

RedneckOfTheWoods2010-08-11 15:31:32 +0000 #1
Sorry to keep asking but I'm at a loss.

My prarie 360 wasn't shifting into/out of 4wd all the time.

I pulled the actuator from the front end, cleaned it and bench tested it and it works.

Tested the continuity of the switch through the 2 wire plug, It was ok.

Checked the 5 wire connector coming from the harness to the actuator and nothing! No ground no power. I can't find a bad fuse on it, I checked the 2 under the seat and 2 under the front plastic, I can't find anymore. Now the 4wd light is flashing slow. It did not flash before I took everything apart.

Am I missing something?
nmkawierider2010-08-11 15:33:22 +0000 #2
The flashing means something. There is a post I think in the How Tos on what the flashs and the different rates mean. Mostly an actuator has a problem but which one and what. If the actuator can't move the sleeve all the way from side to side, then the potentiometer doesn't sent the ending signal to the box and then it records an error which is displayed as a flashing light. Might take it back off and move the sleeve with your finger and see if it slides easy and fully in both directions. If the dogs that lock into the input sleeve get F'ed up and rounded, they won't slide in all the way and...well you get the picture.
RedneckOfTheWoods2010-08-11 15:49:47 +0000 #3
I've checked all that. I need to figure out why the connector is dead.



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