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Crawfishie!!2010-08-11 14:40:56 +0000 #1
Yesterday, we went riding.....had an awesome time at mud creek. However, at the end of the day while playing at that sand pit my belt light began to blink and now I cant go over 5 mph....I do believe its in limp mode. Im thinking I have to replace my belt as well because it was spitting black pieces of rubber out of the exhaust snorkel. I just want to be sure this is what I need to do before I go get another belt.....and I know theres a "how to" on tripping that limp mode, but i cant find it anywhere.....can someone help me out?? Thanks in advance......
Josh2010-08-11 14:56:49 +0000 #2
Yeah, it's in limp mode. If i recall Mine tripped the last time I was riding with y'all. Here's how to reset it. www.mudinmyblood.net...highlight=belt+reset



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