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Help Me Understand Carbs...Please !!!

Brutetherapy2010-08-12 02:38:26 +0000 #1
Ok so first thanks to yall that helped me get my MIMB center snorks installed. You guys rock..

Im going to get a pipe real soon here and need help identifying what needs changed or adjusted on my carbs. So anyway i adjusted what i thought was the air/fuel screw the other day and it seemed to help, but know im not to sure thats what i adjusted because i think i found the cap i needed to drill first and i read some threads here where people had to take there carbs off. There is a Brass colored screw next to the drain plug,this is what i adjusted. Any one have links with "pictures" so i can get this right.All the searches i do i cant really find photos, and the Parts diagram does nothing for me, but confuse me more with all the jets Etc..This is my first time working on carbs so please explain it like you were teaching a child

Also is there a manual for my machine here ? or a machine with the same carbs ?
gpinjason2010-08-12 02:51:09 +0000 #2
I believe there is a manual for the SRA bike in the map/manuals page... you have to subscribe to access them, but it's worth it IMO.. $9 and you have unlimited access to the manuals..



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