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ASR Tie Rods?

94blacksnk2010-08-12 16:53:50 +0000 #1
Hey everyone, I'm looking into getting an upgraded tie rod kit from ASR, but there are a few choices and I'm unsure of what to get? I need all ( 4 ) ends and shafts. Do I really need the expensive ones, will they benefit me anymore than kit #1?

Kit #1 $89.95 "ASR upgraded tie rod kit"


Kit #2 $119.95 "ASR MX Pro kit"


Kit #3 $149.95 "Pro X-Series"


chubbs342010-08-12 17:06:20 +0000 #2
the rods with the heim ends are going to be better ends. Just make your own rods. heres a couple pics of mine atv pics 009.jpg: www.mudinmyblood.net...id=3370&d=1273338744

atv pics 010.jpg: www.mudinmyblood.net...id=3371&d=1273338808
94blacksnk2010-08-12 17:00:08 +0000 #3
I would, but I don't have any time for it, so I'm just going to buy some. I heard that the hemi joints start to squeek really bad after a while though.

chubbs342010-08-12 17:51:50 +0000 #4
i ordered all the pieces parts to put the rods together no fab work required. spray the heims with wd40 and that stops the squeaking. i believe you can also buy heims with grease fittings



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