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2006 brute 750 muzzy & Dyna CDI Jetting HELP

nathangunn282010-08-10 19:23:39 +0000 #1
I am gonna be installing the new muzzy this evening on my 2006 brute force 750, only modifications are the dyna CDI and i just put on 27" bighorns.

I am installing the dynojet kit but have no clue where i should be starting from with regards to jet / needle sizes / air..fuel screw setting etc.. i am in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada 653ft above sea level

Also once you have the jets in and you are fine tuning it do you set both carb air fuel screws and jet clips the same or does it differ from front to rear carb.

The more info on what to look for and which way to adjust based on certain situations would be greatly appreciated.




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