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Need of some guidance.......HELP!

Country2010-08-10 20:53:51 +0000 #1
Ok fellas, here's the deal. I have a 09 750 brute. I have looked all over the site for the info i need and i cant find it......i may have missed it. Gotta big ride Sat. and my belt craped on me. I dont have enough time to order a puller for the primary pully. Does anyone have the specs on making a homemade one. What size bolt, length, etc... Thanks for the help..
Brute650i2010-08-10 21:05:40 +0000 #2
best bet is to order it. It takes longer to make one that it would to get one in. and then WHEN you break it because you didnt get the correct grade bolt then you will be down alot longer.

usually the kawi shop will have one in stock atleast mine does around here. or take the bike to them and ask them to pop it off for a couple of bucks

nmkawierider2010-08-10 21:26:36 +0000 #3
Best buy one, but if you have the right materials and a great machine shop, here's the link

Country2010-08-10 21:12:41 +0000 #4
I have a lathe and a mill and i found the specs so i will be turning one in the A.M. Thanks.

Bootlegger2010-08-10 22:00:56 +0000 #5
If you will pull the cover and haul it up to your dealer...if your dealer is pretty good one they will let you us theirs...we do it a lot. We do have to charge a $5 fee though.
Country2010-08-10 22:32:24 +0000 #6
I thought about doing that but ive got to drive 45 min to get to the closest anything and i have the tools and equipment to build my own so thats the route im gonna take. I just had to find the right lengths and size. the ones i found on the internet were anywhere from 60 to 30$ and im not paying that for a glorified bolt. I got a bolt this morning from the farm supply and only paid 5$ for it. 20 min later i had it turned down and re threaded. Problem solved.
Polaris4252010-08-10 22:40:55 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by Country

Problem solved.

Let us know when you need help getting the broke off piece out of your primary

If butterbean is anywhere near Tuscaloosa, I'd have let ya borrow mine.



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