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Brute_dillon2010-08-10 21:16:40 +0000 #1
is there a how too on how to change the drive belt do i un bolt the middle clutch belt are what
biggdady2010-08-10 21:31:34 +0000 #2
here it the removal of primary


and the removal of secondary


and here is how you tighten the belt


hopes this helps
Floyd2010-08-10 21:46:43 +0000 #3
You just walk it on like a chain on a bike. You may have to reset your belt light if it is on. You can search and find out how to do that. Pretty simple.
biggdady2010-08-10 22:35:00 +0000 #4
if you do that you take a risk of streching the belt and you will still have to take the clutchs off. I know from experence.
kawa6502010-08-10 22:52:27 +0000 #5
X2...I wouldn't roll it on either, even though Ive never done it like that (seen it) I dont recommend it. You'll have to pry the old belt up out of the clutch then you take a good risk of scratching the surface of the clutch, also, which would mean more work smoothing the surface of the clutch sheave but then again I'm particular about doing things right the first time to prevent more work in the future... i.e. preventive maintenance!!!
oldmanbrute2010-08-10 23:39:01 +0000 #6
get a primary clutch puller from EPI, around $35. or borrow one from Walker.....lol.

for real....get the tool, good investment, watch the vids, piece of cake to repair.
Floyd2010-08-10 23:49:12 +0000 #7
We do NOT recommend rolling belts on here At MIMB - Admin.

So, if you are in a pickle it would be best to roll your belt on or order your clutch pulling tool from EPI and wait until the end of next week to put a belt

on. The clutch pulling tool is a good investment.



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