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quick question on performance

seth52082010-08-11 03:12:42 +0000 #1
i have a real quick question how much more performance would i gain with a 750 std bore kit or would it be better just to spend the money i get an 840 kit??
Polaris4252010-08-11 03:17:46 +0000 #2
Well it all depends on what you are doin with the bike. You plan on racing? Or you just wanting a little more power for playing? I say, if you are going to be racing it a good bit yeah go on and get the 840 if money is no problem. But if you're not really gonna race in any of the sanctioned events, then I'd just do a std. Bore kit, some better HC pistons & web cams etc...
seth52082010-08-11 03:18:12 +0000 #3
the only racing i plan on doin is some local mud drags nothing big n trail riding.. is there a big difference from the stock 750 to the std bore kit??
bigblackrancher2010-08-11 03:55:22 +0000 #4
just based on what i have read if you are going to be doing alot of trail riding and the normal mud the std bore is best because its harder to cool the 840, exspecially without putting the radiator on the rack.
Polaris4252010-08-11 04:13:57 +0000 #5
Yeah I think I'd stick w/ just some better pistons and cams, and maybe some VFJ clutch work. That will really wake her up.
J2!2010-08-11 04:58:00 +0000 #6
^^^^^ Yeah what he said... LOL... A std bore will make a BIG difference from what you have now.. I run an 840 but I race every chance I get in sanctioned events.. It does ok on the trails but all that power is a bit much sometimes in the woods..LOL With just a std bore you will gain alot of hp and still be VERY dependable.. I put a Fundy ($99) water impeller in mine and have not had ANY overheating issues..Call Glenn at AMR and get a set of his 11.1 pistons and some 1x drop in cams and you'll be good to go !!!! This way you don't have to have any machine work done, just hone your cylinders... It's alot cheaper than a bbk.. Just to give you an idea of how much the 840 is, I've got around four grand in my motor.. But also when you go from std bore to bbk the difference is like night and day.. Either way you go, good luck with it and enjoy the new power !!!!
seth52082010-08-11 06:03:23 +0000 #7
man 4 grand in an 840 that's what a 406 stroker for my silverado was gonna be lol so it looks like an std bore kit it will be when i get the cash lol thanks for everyones input
Bootlegger2010-08-11 03:59:30 +0000 #8
I know that an AMR 750 kit with XX cams with give you right at 60-62 HP at the rear wheel. Stock its about 42 hp.. Its a great difference. Whether you go AMR or FCP.....both are great builders.
seth52082010-08-11 03:46:57 +0000 #9
would my bf with a std bore kit would that be able to beat a stock can am??
Polaris4252010-08-11 05:28:42 +0000 #10
w/ the right clutching too, yeah, i would think so. Especially if you had some of Glen's good pistons & Cam's.
bruterider272010-08-11 04:59:44 +0000 #11
I know a guy who had that set up with 29 5 outlaws and was side by side o

With the can am and he was on the back wheels the hole time



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