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Question about speed sensor on a brute

brute212010-08-11 04:21:50 +0000 #1
Ok so I was changing my wiring harness on saturday and I came across the speed sensor plug and it was not coming out so of course I got pissed and it ended up braking. I am half way done with the harness but my question is Do you have to have a speed sensor for your bike to start up and run? if not I can wait and just get a used one later. Thanks for the help guys by the way the speed sensor's part number is 21176
nmkawierider2010-08-11 04:32:04 +0000 #2
Although the controller uses several sensors to run the engine, I don't believe it uses the actual speed of the machine for anything other then display. Probably be OK.
filthyredneck08brute2010-08-11 04:30:56 +0000 #3
I know that on my 08 if the display registers 0 mph then I cant swap 2wd to 4wd or the other way around. I believe my speed sensor is going out or I have loose wire for it somewhere because this past weekend I went out riding with meangreen360 and when I left the truck it was reading 0 mph the whole time and I was STUCK in 4wd, it wouldnt shift out...all of a sudden the speedometer started working and it shifted right over to 2wd. Later, when I needed 4wd again it wasnt reading anything but 0 and I was stuck in 2wd, Well I was in 2wd till I made it thru the bad hole and back to hard ground then it wanted to work again. I just got a gremlin.



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