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How Many Miles You Got ?

Roboquad2010-08-11 04:44:16 +0000 #1
Just wanted to know how long you've run her and how you managed it. mine is 920 on an 06 with lots of beer in hand abuse. top end recently finished looking forward to another 900mi.
wood butcher2010-08-11 04:49:09 +0000 #2
1600 on an 06 , just front end issues
nmkawierider2010-08-11 05:10:34 +0000 #3
2500 on my 06..just front end issues too. No motor work...no need. Runs like new.
Mudforce2010-08-11 06:04:11 +0000 #4
5250km or 3281.25miles on a 07 runs like new never opened the motor just maintenance
DLB2010-08-11 05:05:02 +0000 #5
250 miles on an 09, which I've owned for almost a year....I need to get out more.
Mudforce2010-08-11 06:00:10 +0000 #6
gpinjason2010-08-11 07:12:24 +0000 #7
160 miles on my 09.. had it a little over a year... I don't ride enough... but those are pretty hard ridden miles
nmkawierider2010-08-11 06:53:11 +0000 #8
I know a guy in Greece that has 17,000 miles (not kilometers..miles) on his 08...of course there they use them on the roads like cars. Still...no motor work yet. Not bad!! Just shows there is nothing wrong with the design.
fstang242010-08-11 07:59:01 +0000 #9
130 miles on my 2010 Brute 750 had it for about 7 months
bruterider272010-08-11 08:03:10 +0000 #10
380s or so and 57 hours on my 2010 had it 4 months or so nothing but mud and creek riding and one or two trail rides haha I love my brute!
outskirtsdweller2010-08-11 08:36:23 +0000 #11
2100 miles on my 06....ride open trails, mud, and some water....change the engine oil very often (mobile one 15/50) and change the diff oil in front and rear dang near every ride....never any motor issues.....have had a few probs with the front suspension a-arms ect (common prob) and the little steering stem ball joint that bolts to the diff.....broke 1 rear knuckle on a wheelie launch .....been and still is a gr8 ride!



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