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probs *sigh*

wildky2010-08-11 04:52:12 +0000 #1
i took it out today after putting the springs in was doing good and i hit a good mud hole and something started smelling bad like burnt metal still haven't figured that one out but it went away the real problem is i hit a water/mud hole that was about 2 inches from the exhaust which was ok with me but hit died and wouldn't start back so we pulled it out and let it sit for a moment it fired back up but backfired alot and would sputter going back to the trailer i hit another mud hole and high centered and i backed up and hit it again with more speed it sputtered and died wouldn't do nothing finally fooled around with the spark plug wire and got it to fire up and i went to take off it died finally got it to go after messing with it bout 15 mins back up out of the whole no problem and went to go forward it died so anyway i fought with it the whole time.

about 6 months ago i changed the spark plug and the plug wire that hooks in come lose from the wire and i just slide it back together and i think the water from the big whole got to it and cause it to act up the rest of the day so ......

how hard is it to change the coil or should i take it to a mechanic and is the coil expensive

have vids of the ride but have to get them emailed 2 me not sure how good they are father in-laws cell phone

Roboquad2010-08-11 05:06:40 +0000 #2
Not to hard at all. You got this one. I did mine last year.someone here will have the book posted.check with pree. Remember to put the pulse coil in correctly. Upside down won't fire at all. Stator isnt so bad,and I'm no mechanic. welcome to the tic-tock bomb club. If you get stuck let me know, I can send you the pages you need. Also look into Ricky stator.good time to upgrade.



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