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carb jetting

JLOWERY2010-08-11 06:26:26 +0000 #1
Hey guys i need a little help with my jetting i got a brute 750 its got a k&n with a moose cdi i had exhaust but put the stock back on i got it jetted 146 in front and 150 in rear but its still a little fat i was thinking 142f 148r do ya ll think that would be right
Bootlegger2010-08-11 06:41:20 +0000 #2
If you have a stock pipe and no snorkels...I would just go back to stock jetting.
JLOWERY2010-08-11 07:13:38 +0000 #3
when i had the stock jets in it it had a bad lean miss so kawi paid to have a jet kit put in it when it new i forgot its got a set of hot cams in it to if that matters



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