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Brute wont start after shutting off on trail

NRABRUTE2010-08-11 07:18:30 +0000 #1
Well I took my 09 brute 750 out on my first real ride(only 15 miles before going on this ride, now almost 80 on it) with it over the 4th and almost every time I shut it off it didn't want to start back up again. But remembered reading about the tip sensor giving people problems.So I removed the seat pulled the tip sensor off its post and shook it a little and put it back on the post and the brute fired up. my question is does that sound like the tip sensor is faulty?

It made me feel like a *** here i am with a brand new wheeler holding up the whole group I was riding with.
walker2010-08-11 07:33:23 +0000 #2
yep that might be the culprit ...



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