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Noisy KEBC montana2010-08-10 17:24
Bought a Prairie 700 from a friend knowing that the KEBC was alarming and not functioning. I replac
Help kawasaki prairie jetting prairie7002010-08-10 17:24
wats up every1 im new to the site and cant find much on the prairies but found alot of useful info!
seems pretty easy.... dramey2010-08-10 17:13
from what i have been reading the brutes dont seem that hard to work on. not gonna say i read every
10' 750i rear axle nut? jrfonte2010-08-10 18:29
does anyone know the torque on the rear axles nut where the hubs bolt on at? i was going to remove t
4x4 problems muddy2010-08-10 17:32
on my quad the two and four wheel drive keeps flashing back and forth and it is stuck in two wheel i
Gas fill eagleeye762010-08-10 17:15
I've always completely filled my bikes tanks with no issue. With the Brute I can fill my trucks tan
hand guards? throttlejock272010-08-10 17:08
anyone have handguards on ther brute 750s? i would like to get a pair but i was trying to figure out
Guess that damage.... Smokey2010-08-10 16:35
Got the brute stuck tonight in water just up to the top of the wheels, nowhere near sunk, but was th
check out my new toy wood butcher2010-08-10 16:48
i pick up this bayou 300 for a lil mill work i did for a camper trailer http://i579.photobucket.co
My latest Brute Swamp Star2010-08-10 16:16
I just got around to loading some pictures of my newest ride. 06 NRA with every bolt on mod you can
Best way to clean carbs Floyd2010-08-10 16:40
I pulled the carbs off the 06 brute I got off CL and they were nasty. The bowls were full of gunk, t
Valve Adjustment Help!! cadams2010-08-10 16:51
I just tried to adjust my valves for the first time on my own. I only got through the rear cylinder
hyper performance chips kawi272010-08-10 16:33
i recently bought a hyper performance chi[ off ebay i am second guessing it now... i was wondering i
Sandwich Adapter question? mrozek15002010-08-10 16:09
Hey guys I got a minor setback if anyone lend some advice. I did a Oil cooler this weekend on my 750
Brute Force Fasteners rgramjet2010-08-10 17:40
Are there any aftermarket body work fastener kits? Ive got an 05 Brute Force 750. I keep hogging
Best place to get gasket kits for brute 750 Floyd2010-08-10 16:23
The places I have checked doesn't sale gasket kits. They sale the gaskets by part numbers. I might
brute vs terex 1st brute 20102010-08-10 17:09
I'm thinking about selling my brute and gettin a terex! Are there any problems with the trex and is
750 Brute differential locked 750Homegrown2010-08-10 16:37
I have an 05 Brute 750 that the front wheels are locked on.I've undone the cable an made sure the le
carbs dumping fuel cmills2010-08-10 15:28
'07 brute 750. Leaking fuel out of drain tube. Removed carbs, rear carb float wasnt moving like it s
Tie rods bruteforce5042010-08-10 15:37
Anyone running the asr tie rods? If so which asr tie rod is the best for the brutes?
2008 Brute belt light harald702010-08-10 16:10
Hi, I am fresh ATV rider with different questions, I hope you can help me In june this year I bo
Clutch Kit for BF 750 cadams2010-08-10 16:00
I use my bike for hunting and riding around on the deer lease. My high gear is higher than I would
Teryx Belt Light Dan Todd2010-08-10 15:41
'09 Teryx .. New belt about three weeks ago. All was well until yesterday I was rolling down road an
CL is real good to me!!!!!!!!!!!! Floyd2010-08-10 15:24
Bought a 06 750 brute last week for $1500 on CL. Yesterday I found a ad where a guy was parting out
Max miles edtman2010-08-10 15:18
Anyone ever run a full tank empty and note your miles? I get real nervous around 70 miles on my 06 6
brute back carb backfiring camobruteforce2010-08-10 15:29
I noticed at very slow speeds my 08 brute 650 would sound likeit had a small back fire, and when you
water in wheels bcpayne09112010-08-10 14:38
ok so i was on a ride and just before i was about to leave i hit a hole and busted the seal on front
Brute 750 thermostat on 650 camobruteforce2010-08-10 15:45
Can I put a brute 750 thermostat housing on my 08 650 to qet rid of the filler cap under the front f
4x4 flashing byrd2010-08-10 15:58
ok my 2wd and 4wd keep flashing back and fourth and its stuck in 2wd. i checked the front actuator a
HELP please camobruteforce2010-08-10 15:13
Ok, I'm about to go insane. I have an 08 brute 650 SRA, the temp light was coming on when I would r
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