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how was ur ride today

brutemike2010-08-16 00:54:08 +0000 #1
Went out 2 day with the kids and father inlaw on his new 87 honda fourtrax 350 he got for 500 bucs and it runs great. Got unloaded and the rain and lightning let loose but sat in the truck for 15 and the sun was back out and the way we went.The trails were great like grease and all of the holes where filled from the all nite rain we had and i never had to get winched out but i tried to get stuck.We all had a blast and i got covered do to my new 1.5 spacers.Enough with me how was your ride.
seth52082010-08-16 01:08:31 +0000 #2
mine got cancelled saturday was all ready to try out the new backs n clutch snorks but they had the trails closed they we're filling in all the ruts and doin matinence on it
brutemike2010-08-16 01:03:47 +0000 #3
That sucks did something like that awile back got to new trails and the cops show up and say no rideing never even got un loaded.
DTX2010-08-16 01:25:23 +0000 #4
Mine was a little interesting. First, some idiot had a severe case of dumb*** and nearly flipped his quad on my wife. A little while later we were climbing around on a bunch of sandstone and my son flipped his 420. Fortunately it seems that before it broke, the snorkel absorbed enough of the impact to prevent any other damage. The only thing that broke was one pvc 90. Everything else seems completely fine. In the end, everybody was ok and had a good time so I would have to say it was a good day.
seth52082010-08-16 01:44:25 +0000 #5
Mike ***m why'd the poppa show up???

Dtx good to hear everyones ok don't you hate stupid f****s lol good thing that's all you gotta fix on ur sons quad
blue beast2010-08-16 02:55:29 +0000 #6
glad everyones ok . i hate idiots



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