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edtman2010-08-16 06:02:24 +0000 #1
Anyone been to Haliburton, Ontario. I've been researching, and it sounds cool. Would like to hear from someone who has been there. Planning to go April 29.
mrkd12010-08-16 06:05:59 +0000 #2
Never been there but lot's of trails on crown land and variety of terrain,everyone that rides it seems impressed. You'l need a trail permit to stay legal.

For more info contact the local club if you haven't all ready

www.haliburtonatv.com/ they should be able to help more.

You can check or post for more info here also

edtman2010-08-16 06:09:39 +0000 #3
Thanks for the reply, I found out that the first part of May is black fly season. The folks on the mudhole forum say, its no kind of joke. Also, the "Rail trail" which goes from town to town, doesnt open til June. Ill tell you one thing, there seems to be a real jurisdiction issue up there between the clubs. Apparently there are all sorts of trail permits required. We are going to hit WV instead. We'll try it up there in the fall.



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