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everyone going to 2010 Mud nats.....

JHR2010-08-16 05:35:19 +0000 #1
Id like to set up a meet time and place for all of us M.I.M.B.'s that are going to nats this year. Im anxious to meet some of u and see some of ur bikes. This year its just gonna be me, my fiancee and my lil sister goin. We wanted to meet up and maybe ride with u guys while were there. We're getting there Thursday morning hopefully before noon. Any suggestions on a time and place to meet?
walker2010-08-16 05:41:30 +0000 #2
i think me and some friends will be there either thursday night or friday morning depends... but yes for sure we need to meet up
muddnfool2010-08-16 06:02:16 +0000 #3
ill prolly be there friday morning if you want to meet up somewhere
walker2010-08-16 06:24:19 +0000 #4
we will talk muddnfool



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