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Greg G2010-08-16 16:09:05 +0000 #1
Anybody ever ride in or around the Memphis area, Covington Pike Bottoms or the Hatchie Trails?

We have had inches of rain the past few days and we are planning a ride Sun, starting around 10ish at the Covington Pike Bottoms. Some friends from Paris/McKenzie TN area are coming down to ride. If in the nieghborhood stop by and get wet and muddy with us. If you need directions let me know.

Greg G
Yesterday2010-08-16 16:24:02 +0000 #2
how far out of memphis is the spot where you all ride
Bootlegger2010-08-16 16:57:32 +0000 #3
Is there a lot of mud there....East Tn is all Mountains here...
Greg G2010-08-16 17:12:30 +0000 #4
Actually both places, Pike and Hatchies, are both within the city limits of Memphis. The Pike runs parallel, roughly, to interstate 240 from Summer ave to just west of Hwy 51. Its a good ride, trails, mud, and water. The Hatchie trails starts in the northern part of the city limits, right near the police and fire academy and runs all the way to the Raliegh area. The trails run along the Loosahatchie river for the most part. It is a lot of trails and mud. Both places have sandbars along the river that we stop, hang out, and enjoy adult beverages on. If water is down its a great area to play in. I personally have been riding the Pike trails since I was in my early teens.

Both trails are within 30 minutes from my house and you can ride for 20+ miles so they are real convenient.

With all this rain I am out for this weekend, the river has flooded some of the lower spots to where they are impassable. I think I will snorkel mine and get at it next weekend.

Greg G
Metal Man2010-08-16 17:57:28 +0000 #5
Greg do you know Robbie( Mudlift) from SSATV? He's from right around your area.
Greg G2010-08-16 18:15:23 +0000 #6
I have never met him but I know where lives, a friend on mine is friends with him and lives in the same neighborhood.

Greg G
Greg G2010-08-16 17:57:37 +0000 #7
Just a few years ago, we could ride from one trail system to the other, it was an awsome ride, the few times we made it it was like 10-12 hour ride one way. only had to go through one little ghetto neighborhood and we were back on the MS river levees. Folks riding through some farmers soubean fields ended all of that.

Greg G
YoungBlooD2010-08-16 19:27:59 +0000 #8
the covington pike trails are fun but memphis weather blows! I hasnt stoped raining for weeks if feels and those trails get nasty and to deep for most fast. i wish someone would make a safe place to park, i parked off covington pike about a mouth ago had a great day of riding to get back to my truck and three friends trucks with are lock hole puntched in and everything stolein. i now park in the big parkin lot off summer right next to the drive in movies and back my trailer up to the poles in front were they have camras. there is a trail if you drive across the entrence of the drive in that takes you to the covington pike parkiing lot. hey Greg g were to you put in to get to the Hatchie Trails i think ive riddin them before but didnt drive and its been to long to remember
LukusJB2010-08-16 17:37:05 +0000 #9
Where do you put in to go to the Hatchie Bottoms? And will the water be too high to ride this Sunday (10-18-09)?
LukusJB2010-08-16 16:37:42 +0000 #10
Do you put in off Hwy 51 or do you actually go behind the Fire Academy.. this is what a Memphis police officer told me one time I believe.
Greg G2010-08-16 20:13:33 +0000 #11
We all park in the Greenhill foolball stadium lot that is right next to the academy. Turn on a road called OK Robertson from Hwy51 (thomas st) and you will see the big lot.

Up until yesterday we hadnt had problems there but Sat evening someone decided to break into some trucks. They hit 3 trucks in our group and took some purses, and checks. I swear I hate a theif. I hope they get whats coming to them.

Greg G



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