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Anybody want to ride tonight in mandeville

aandryiii2010-08-16 20:42:21 +0000 #1
Late notice, but I think a few of us going riding from mandeville to lacombe tonight. It's always pretty fun and any body is welcome. Also, I think we are going to tower trax tomorrow for the day, in case anyone is interested. Let me know
Masher2010-08-16 20:45:45 +0000 #2
Where at hit me with your number.
Masher2010-08-16 21:17:15 +0000 #3
Masher2010-08-16 21:15:36 +0000 #4
You got some deep stuff? I like to get in there real nice a deep like. My number is 225-614-7570 call me I'm riding in my pond right now. I can be there in 30 min.
IBBruin2010-08-16 22:16:23 +0000 #5
Now that's talent!!!!!! Ride a pond and text at the same time!!
walker2010-08-16 22:13:15 +0000 #6
you know i was thinking the same thing he just topped steve one handed water wheelie while posting on mimb
bayou_boy_222010-08-16 23:29:00 +0000 #7
thats probably why he has been through so much oil and filters lately.
walker2010-08-17 00:10:47 +0000 #8
thats been caused by them gold and purple cans
Masher2010-08-16 22:27:06 +0000 #9
Tonight it was the Ultra that got me. They never called guess they had left already. I was ready to eat too, ole Bessie had just got warm.
Masher2010-08-16 23:33:12 +0000 #10

Originally Posted by IBBruin

Now that's talent!!!!!! Ride a pond and text at the same time!!

I had to stop for a second for a frosty beverage. I'm not talented enough for the one hand water wheelie let alone the posting water wheelie.
DjScrimm2010-08-17 01:13:44 +0000 #11
YOO sorry, We didn't make it out there.... But were definitely going to Tower Trax tomorrow if interested in that. That little local riding we do (mandeville,Lacome,Slidell) really doesn't have anything deep. Just quick and easy way to get sum riding done. We'll be heading out around 11 or so....



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