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The Slaughter Begins.....

Masher2010-08-08 21:42:03 +0000 #1
Bamas bout to make some steaks out of the Longhorns.

Masher2010-08-08 21:43:46 +0000 #2
Nobody is in here for this *** woopin...
bayou_boy_222010-08-08 22:02:03 +0000 #3
roll tide baby
drtj2010-08-08 22:09:18 +0000 #4
When was texas going to show up? Haha
Masher2010-08-08 23:29:09 +0000 #5
Texas blows donkey shaft.
Masher2010-08-08 23:21:48 +0000 #6
Bama stole their cookies.
bayou_boy_222010-08-08 23:44:09 +0000 #7
roll tide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tide came up and washed the steers and queers away!!!!!!!!!!!n
Polaris4252010-08-08 22:05:14 +0000 #8
13 baby!!!!!!! RTR!
Bootlegger2010-08-08 23:00:48 +0000 #9
OH yeah.....ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Masher2010-08-08 23:39:55 +0000 #10
SEC 4 in a row.
Crawfishie!!2010-08-09 00:20:42 +0000 #11
I do have to state....I AM NOT A LONGHORNS FAN!!!! However, once that lil boy got his head in the game, calmed down, and put on his game face, it was looking really good. Texas didn't have a chance from the beginning, even if Colt McCoy would have played the entire game. Alabama would have crushed them anyway. I believe it was a pretty entertaining game. It showed confidence and ability of that young QB for Texas, afterall he's only 19, FRESH out of high school and this was his debuit game. I think he did an outstanding job for those kinds of stats and the pressure.

All in all, Nick shouldn't have ever left LSU.....now his asst coach was being looked at for a head coach position here at texas tech next year. What does that say abotu Nick Saben? HE IS the best College Football coach ever, thats why he makes all the big bucks....did you see his bonus if they won......450k.....MY GOSH!!!!



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