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Corvette Burnout = Smoked Clutch

Polaris4252010-08-08 21:16:59 +0000 #1
Corvette Burnout Fail Destroys Clutch Video: www.break.com/index/...destroys-clutch.html

What an idiot....................
walker2010-08-08 21:21:06 +0000 #2
hahhahah to much money and no common sense.... must be nice
RDWD2010-08-08 21:37:29 +0000 #3
Bye bye to way more than 600 bucks.
phreebsd2010-08-08 21:40:34 +0000 #4
fo real. looks like he didnt know how to do it properly.
BF750FI2010-08-08 22:45:11 +0000 #5
too funny!!
Rocketman012010-08-08 23:45:20 +0000 #6
omg what a retard he broke traction then hit the brakes to hard and made the clutch start slipping and the best part is none of them was smart enough to no what was going on
BigIzzy2010-08-08 22:46:38 +0000 #7
just sitting there thinking, "right on, I see smoke, them tires must be cookin right now!" HAHAHA dumba55
gpinjason2010-08-09 00:28:57 +0000 #8
what's funny is his friends didn't try to stop him.....
drtyTshrt2010-08-08 23:49:44 +0000 #9

Originally Posted by gpinjason

what's funny is his friends didn't try to stop him.....

thats what i do not believe

I saw this weeks ago on the Corvette Forum,you should read the bashing
kawa6502010-08-09 00:08:41 +0000 #10
Haha thats to funny
bruiser quad2010-08-09 01:49:00 +0000 #11
.... FAIL!!!!

should have strapped it to a truck or something, for a long burnout like he wanted why fry the brakes as well.... DOUCHE!!!!



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