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coffee in the mornin

cookiexd402010-08-09 07:46:20 +0000 #1
how ya like it?
IBBruin2010-08-09 07:57:06 +0000 #2
Strong, black and in abundance.
cookiexd402010-08-09 08:12:44 +0000 #3
haha...exactly!!..gonna be a long monday
walker2010-08-09 08:17:05 +0000 #4
just started drinkin coffee everyonce in awhile.. gotta have some sugar and creamer
drtj2010-08-09 09:22:56 +0000 #5
Like it like my women hot black n bitter. Lol naw j/k hot with coffee mate creamer
cookiexd402010-08-09 09:07:38 +0000 #6
phreebsd2010-08-09 08:13:17 +0000 #7
IBBruin2010-08-09 10:45:44 +0000 #8

Originally Posted by phreebsd


And if the M&G is any example of Phree's mood in the morning, stay far far away until he's had a cup. lol
Yesterday2010-08-09 09:17:20 +0000 #9
strong'n black, hint of sweet
TX4PLAY2010-08-09 11:47:44 +0000 #10

Originally Posted by IBBruin

Strong, black and in abundance.

Me too...when I was about fifteen I ask my Grandpa at the deer lease for some milk for my coffee and he looked at me and said "boy if your gonna hunt with me you'll drink your coffee black and your whiskey straight!" I been drinking it that way every since.
650Brute2010-08-09 11:47:38 +0000 #11
No additives, Just as is. With unlimited refills



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