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What is your favorite mod on your bike?

coot232010-08-09 10:31:37 +0000 #1
lets hear it. what is your favorite mod? maybe something noone else has!?!
Polaris4252010-08-09 10:37:48 +0000 #2
FCP parts.

And the MIMB Stickers....
lilbigtonka2010-08-09 10:58:49 +0000 #3
well i dont know about favorite but def close and gets the most use out of, is my audiopipe i cant ride a bike without one now
coot232010-08-09 11:26:12 +0000 #4
i use to have a stereo that went with me no matter what. I think my favorrite mod may be my diamond plate box lid and i guess thats just because i haven't seen another bike like it.
IBBruin2010-08-09 11:12:13 +0000 #5
I'd have to say as heavily modified my machine is it would have to be the KEBC removal and belt switch bypass. Tons of headaches removed.
Metal Man2010-08-09 12:29:22 +0000 #6
My favorite would have to be the snorkels just for the peace of mind but i really like my HID head lights too.
bruterider10802010-08-09 13:24:30 +0000 #7
AMR parts
hondarecoveryman2010-08-09 12:25:48 +0000 #8
Snorkels for sure Gonna Post upics soon just got take it apart so i can show you all how i did it
bruterider10802010-08-09 12:45:07 +0000 #9
ya the snorks definately save the ol hind end on occasion....lol
cigaro2010-08-09 14:35:17 +0000 #10
The motor of course...... ( FST & Web with Moose module/ 6* key combo)
hondarecoveryman2010-08-09 13:42:15 +0000 #11
Been thinkin about the 6*key what kind of seat of your pants improvement do you get with that ?



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