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Man Mauled by Tiger in Calgary

Big D2010-08-09 12:25:12 +0000 #1
Have you heard this one? Last night two guys broke into our zoo. They scaled one fence to get into the zoo and another fence to get into the tiger pen. One guy was mauled and may lose his arm. Some people are saying the zoo needs to do more to protect the public. Who are they kidding? They had to go over two fences. The one directly around the tigers is really talll and has barbed wire at the top.

I'm not normally this mean but I kind of hope he loses his arm AND gets charged for break and enter. For God's sake, a 4-year-old would know better than to do that.

codyh2010-08-09 12:33:48 +0000 #2
they do have some isaac newtons out there lol
Polaris4252010-08-09 12:41:24 +0000 #3
yeah thats crazy.... I bet the zoo still keeps getting flamed, for these 2 idiots stupidity. Im w/ you D, anyone who wilingly breaks into a tiger den deserves to get bit.
IBBruin2010-08-09 13:33:32 +0000 #4
We need to blame the tiger................... for not taking that idiot out of the gene pool.
KMKjr2010-08-09 14:01:13 +0000 #5
There are some rocket scientists out there in Cowtown (that's where we hide our rednecks here in Canada... ).....but I'm guessing some wobbly pops were involved.
Jack2010-08-09 14:45:54 +0000 #6
Thats crazy, someone needs to kill that tiger for lack of hunting skills. That guy should have been a steamy pile of poo by now.
Masher2010-08-09 15:20:28 +0000 #7
When I was in high school back in Birmingham these two brain children had the same bright idea almost. They wanted to go swimming in Zoos bear swimming pool, polar bear that is. Well the one that made it out said he thought the bears were locked up at night. The other one was being eaten when the cops showed up and had to put something like 17-27 rounds in the bear to kill it and retrieve the body. I felt sorry for the bear getting killed with handgun fire because of an idiot.
qwackhead2010-08-09 15:02:56 +0000 #8
thats one of the worlds problems today people arent held accountable for their own actions they want to blame someone besides the one who was wrong. i know a man that got sued because some kids broke in an old rice mill figured out how to get the counter weight elevator hoked back up and were playing in it when one of them got crushed by it standing under the counter weight.
Big D2010-08-09 13:02:27 +0000 #9

Originally Posted by KMKjr

There are some rocket scientists out there in Cowtown (that's where we hide our rednecks here in Canada... ).....but I'm guessing some wobbly pops were involved.

If not wobbly pops, at least a dare/bet and "hey, let's put a cool video on YouTube".

The guys at work said the story has changed a bit. I'll watch the news tonight and update you guys. Rumour has it the guy is being charged with B&E. The tiger will not be put down...thank God.
Jack2010-08-09 14:11:10 +0000 #10
They shouldn't charge that guy with anything, they should go put him back in that tiger's den for 48 hours. I'm glad to hear that the tiger will be ok.



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