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Big D2010-08-09 13:12:59 +0000 #1
I have to admit I'm a proud hockey mom. My son is starting his 2nd year this season. Today was the first day of 3 days for evaluations.

During the 11AM session they pulled him off after the first set of drills because they wanted him with the more advanced players. Cool.

During the noon session they pulled him off during the shinny match so he could skate with the advanced kids. Thatsmaboy.

In this final group there were a couple of kids who were REALLY good, but David held his own. In fact the whole arena cheered when he made this fabulous save....gee I wish I'd taped that.

He came off the final evals for today and said "I don't want to play hockey anymore". I thought he meant for today since we'd been at the rink from 10:45 - 2:15. But he said "ever". He felt out of his league. Poor kid was almost in tears.

Do you know how hard it is to convince an 8-year-old that this is just round one and not to worry. That the coaches need a few days to figure out the skill level of all the players.

We'll go skating this week. I really hope I can get his confidence up by Saturday.

KMKjr2010-08-09 13:25:30 +0000 #2
Make sure he's still having fun!!

Maybe the long day killed his spirit and he thinks every day of practice is like that?

I know of kids who just want to play house league with thier friends, even though they could play rep or more elite levels.

If you force him to play, he'll probably quit anyway, but find out what he wants out of the game first, and adjust his level to suit his personality and skills.
Big D2010-08-09 13:20:17 +0000 #3
Thanks for the input.

He loves hockey! Seriously! I agree that he was probably overwhelmed from the long day. On the way to school today he sounded a lot better. Whew!

This is just community hockey. We have kids who can barely stand up on skates to those who must have learned to skate before they could walk.

He had a blast last season despite the fact that his team was really bad (they only had 2 wins and the scores were very one-sided 22-2). However, most of his teamates were great kids, as were their parents. I'm glad that he wasn't worried about the score sheet. His equipment was barely dry from his last game and he asked to sign up for spring hockey.

I will make sure he understands that he will be placed with kids at his level. He won't be stuck with the superstars.



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