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You go first policy

madppcs2010-08-09 13:29:06 +0000 #1
Ok, this is something new to me,lol.. Someone explain this too me. I know this is gonna be hilarious.
Polaris4252010-08-09 13:40:01 +0000 #2
Guy w/ bigger tires and snorks usually needs to go first in my book.. haha..

If I've got my waders on and there's question about the depth of a hole, I'll walk it first.
08GreenBrute2010-08-09 13:34:18 +0000 #3
^^ same here unless you have that one crazy friend that just tries everything then there is no question on who goes first
madppcs2010-08-09 13:40:01 +0000 #4
Yea, I usually walk holes first if I have a doubt. But I love when u got some friends that (Aint Skeerd) LOL.. Takes all the worry from u, and makes for some good entertainment.
hondarecoveryman2010-08-09 14:31:59 +0000 #5
yeah my brother in law has a 4 foot extension for his snork!!! everytime he brings it I relax a little , we call it the dummy stick LOL
1bigforeman2010-08-09 14:08:33 +0000 #6
I get spiderwebs in my face now. My friend with a 6" rincon used to get them. I guess this lift has it's downfalls....
Polaris4252010-08-09 14:09:26 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by 1bigforeman

I get spiderwebs in my face now. My friend with a 6" rincon used to get them. I guess this lift has it's downfalls....

yeah... dont feel too bad. RDWD's brute is a hair taller than mine, but he's so short, that I STILL get webs in the face, even if I following him
1bigforeman2010-08-09 15:55:34 +0000 #8
Lol, I hear ya. I can't talk about short people...28 years old and only 5'5". Might have another half on there, and I would have to count it. I was 5'4" when I was 16 on my license. Everyone thought I would hit a growth spurt but....maybe next year....
madppcs2010-08-09 17:29:21 +0000 #9
I hear ya.. Aint nothin I hate more than a **** spider web in the face. I dont have a giant 6+ lift, but down here in south louisiana, we have those HUGE banana spiders. And I swear there web is so strong, that your bike would get caught in that bad mamma jamma.
Big D2010-08-09 17:52:36 +0000 #10
I used to be a chicken and make Myron go first. Now I figure what the heck. We've got winches, tow ropes, chest waders. You only live once.....right? Besides we have an unspoken rule....someone stays on dry ground so they can do a search and rescue, if needed.

We always wear chest waders so as long as the water isn't higher than the pants, we're good. Tipping is a real ***** (did that my first day wearing them). There's nothing more fun than filling up with skanky water and having smell it for the rest of the day.

I hear you about being short. I'm 5'1" (and a little bit). When I first drove Mryon's BF650 my feet didn't touch the foot rests....unless I stood up. I was sooo happy when I got my AC500 and they would touch. Call it insecurity.
zacksbf2010-08-09 15:39:15 +0000 #11
My old 01 500 HO Popo got a bad rep back in the day because I had the biggest bike in our group so I always went first. I had it snorkled to the pod and 28x12 mudzillas all the way around(biggest tire back then) with a collar lift on it. The bike was really a beast but since I always went first I was also the first to break stuff because I proofed every hole so while I was in the middle of some deep stuff breaking axles or getting pulled out to drain and clean my carb the guys on Hondas would talk smack about why they wouldn't own a popo and stuff but they all made a go around trail while I was out tearing it up. I don't mind being the first but you definately spend more money on repairs leading on every ride and ussually fall behind on the beverage intake because you have your hands full fixing stuff or proofing the deep holes.



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