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Oldie but Goodie

RDs Neighbor2010-08-09 18:37:00 +0000 #1
I found this on my computer. For those of you who never saw this it was going around just after hurricane Katrina....freakin hilarious

Talk about photo shop talent.....or is it?
DrillersGoDeeper2010-08-09 18:53:27 +0000 #2
LMFAO!!!!!!! That is funny!!!
RDs Neighbor2010-08-09 19:15:54 +0000 #3
It's old, but I still LMAO when I see it.
08GreenBrute2010-08-09 18:45:35 +0000 #4
i lol'ed to that is a good one
goodtimes7502010-08-09 20:01:21 +0000 #5
lmao. talent indeed



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