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noisy noisy

chrish0518732010-08-13 03:21:29 +0000 #1
hey all.....

my bud has a 2007(or is it 2008) outlaw 525 sra

had a few questions for you guys

the KTM motor on this thing is noisy, are they all this way ?

also the clutches are making a heck of alot of noise,until the handle is held in just a little bit

also the rear end make some kind of squeaking noise sometimes when taking off from a stop,not all the time but sometimes

so my question is,does somebody else own one of these and have these things going on ?


Polaris4252010-08-13 03:31:19 +0000 #2
I dont guess I've ever really been around one. I rode w/ a guy who had one of the very first ones but that was years ago...



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